It’s in them & It’s just gotta come out


IT’S IN THEM & IT’S JUST GOTTA COME OUT - is a solo or duet performance work that uses a variety of custom-designed ultrasonic instruments.  The performers roll about on rolling stools and tend to the instruments

It’s in them... is a sonic narrative of miniscule movement.  The sounds are not electronically generated, but are a result of acoustical phenomena in the ultrasonic range (above our hearing).

Each instrument employs an ultrasonic type microphone and loudspeaker.  Physical motion in the space between these two or actual movement of the loudspeaker or speaker creates audible sound when amplified.

The instruments incorporate diverse means to accomplish this movement including: slow-speed motors rotating interchangeable objects, spring-mounted objects which are blown on or gently nudged, objects placed on a spinning turntable, the movement of one’s hands, and magnetic pendulums.

This work has grown out of a fascination with small physical gestures creating their own music.  Somewhere in the back of my mind I see hundreds of these gesticulating little instruments asking to be heard.

© 1980 John Driscoll


PhotO: Stan Ries

PhotOS: Stan Ries


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