Listening Out Loud


LISTENING OUT LOUD - is composed by John Driscoll for solo, duet, or trio performance.  The work utilizes bowed crosscut saws, live electronics sympathetic to the saws, gooseneck microphones and a previously recorded performance.

The electronics respond to both the pitch and amplitude of the bowed saws and create a signal which is sent to the loudspeakers and also back to the electronics for decision making within the circuitry. 

The tape signal is to introduce the sound of a previous acoustical space, and is played on a speed-controlled tape player with the speed responsive to the sound of the saws.

Numerous versions have been created:

  1. -Listening Out Loud (short strokes) (1979)

    for Douglas Dunn - Museum of

    Modern Art (solo)

  1. -Clay Banks (1980) for Douglas Dunn & 

    Dancers - the Kitchen (duet w/Linda


  1. -Dry Pool (1979) - for film by Andy Ferullo

    at empty swimming pool Media /

    Study Buffalo (duet w/ Bill viola)

  1. The American (2014) - for concert at

    Mills College (duet with Dan Gottwold),     

    electronics Sam Hertz and reader Julie 



© 1979   John Driscoll



PhotO: Stan Ries

Recording (excerpt)