Voices in my Head is a performance work-in-progress using a series of robotic highly focused loudspeakers that create a rich and highly individualized sonic space.

These small focused speakers (see fig. 1) produce sound that is imaged on the surfaces of the performance space and are accompanied by a larger dual axis rotating horn loudspeaker

(see fig. 2) and a four channel array of conventional speakers.

Placed at various locations in the space are stationary and robotic reflectors to re-direct the focused sound beams. These act similarly to cushions on a billiard table and reflect the sound image simultaneously to different locations in the space. (see fig. 3)

This work was conceived while an Artist-in-Residence at Harvestworks (NYC) during the winter/spring of 2014.

FIG. 2     Robotic DUal-axis horn speaker

Fig. 1    Robotic focused speaker

FIG. 3     reflective panel

© 2014 John Driscoll