IMPULSION - A 3 media Suite


The resonant characteristics of an object or of a space can be captured from a sonic impulse.  These characteristics can be derived to produce synthetic resonant objects.   

A new proposed CIE group performance resonance work uses these impulse convolution reverberations. There are 3 proposed renderings: as a live performance work, as an installation and as interactive web-based.

Collaborators exchange impulse files, patches and other processing techniques to fold these reverberations within each other.

The Performance Version

Each performer prepares one of more impulse sound files that are shared as a common collection by the group. 

The impulse files are also used as audio sources. Each performer is free to modify parameters such as rate of playback, repeat, rhythm, start and end points of a sampe,  frequency shift of source or impulse, and any additional filtering and distribution in space.

An initial MAX patch and collection of impulse files are available. Block diagram of the patch and summary user information is in progress and preliminary view available at  link.

Duration of the performance is unspecified.

The performers are obligated to agree on some mechanism for varying the density of the resulting mix either by appointing a conductor, use of common visual representation or other means.

I am working on two variant “player channels”.  

Required equipment: means to capture impulse files, means to use impulse files in a convolution reverb, and means to use the impulse files as source material.

MAX MSP, PD,Supercollider or any number of other means such as Reaper and CUbase using VST plugin convolution reverb can be easily adapted for realizations of the work.

The Installation Version

An fractal walk is used to activate the work.  Emphasis is placed in diverse output channels and spatial distribution.

The Web Version

Visitor to a website can control parameters for playing impulse through impulses.  Participants are provided means to upload impulse file.   Participants can listen to core impulse files provided or submissions.

details of patch here