(CIE) is a group of composer/performers dedicated to the composition and live performance of electronic and electroacoustic music using both software and circuitry designed and constructed by individual composers.

The group’s original core members included: John Driscoll, Paul DeMarinis, Phil Edelstein, Linda Fisher, Ralph Jones, Martin Kalve, David Tudor, and Bill Viola. More recent members have included: John D.S. Adams, Nicolas Collins, Russel Frehling, D’Arcy Gray, Ben Manley, Ron Kuivila, Matt Rogalsky, Stephen Vitiello, along with a number of guest performers and student performers.

CIE was founded in 1973 when they collaboratively realized the electroacoustic environment, Rainforest IV, conceived by David Tudor at New Music in New Hampshire.  After many subsequent performances of this work CIE introduced new works to their repertory by other group members with numerous performances both in the U.S. and abroad from 1976 through 1981.

The group was re-formed in 1996 to do an installation of Rainforest IV at Judson Church for David Tudor’s Memorial service.  At this time it was decided to continue their work with a focus upon both preserving and training younger composers/performers in the Rainforest work, and creating a new Rainforest V version for permanent installation.

Works by the group have been presented at numerous spaces including:

the Kitchen, Ars Electronica, the Holland Festival, Festival d’Automne, Media Study Buffalo, the Center for Music Experiment (UCSD), Marymount Manhattan College, and other venues.

The works created by the group have focused upon collaborative performance, and on research into acoustical and electronic processes.  CIE has had two research residencies - one at UCSD (Center for Music Experiment) for individual composer research projects, and a second at Media Study Buffalo to research the development of a new collaborative work utilizing focused loudspeakers.

Current members include: John Driscoll, Phil Edelstein, Tom Hamilton, Matt Rogalsky, and Doug Van Nort.

For further information and booking concerts, workshops, and installations contact:

John Driscoll

Composers Inside Electronics


Photo: Stan Ries

R. Jones    D. Tudor   P. Edelstein   B. Viola   J. Driscoll  M. Kalve

Photo: Rene Block