(CIE) is a group of composer/performers dedicated to the composition and live collaborative performance of electronic and electro-acoustic music using both software and circuitry designed and constructed by individual composers.  CIE members also create interactive sound installations.

The group was formed in 1973 with David Tudor and is known for its pioneering use of original live electronics for both performance and installations, including David Tudor’s Rainforest project.  The current members include founders John Driscoll and Phil Edelstein along with You Nakai, Matt Wellins, Matt Rogalsky, Doug Van Nort, and include guest performers.

An ongoing commitment to collaborative performance of new individual and group works is central to CIE’s evolution.  The group’s work includes the use of: custom-built software instruments, resonant sculptural instruments, rotating and focused loudspeaker systems and ultrasonic instruments with an emphasis on creating a rich sonic architecture.  Numerous works utilize the resonant character of the performance spaces as instruments.

The group specializes in performances and installations that focus on the integration of theatrical and musical elements.  CIE is currently offering a range of performance works as well as short and long-term sound installations.

For further information and booking concerts, workshops, and installations contact:

John Driscoll

Composers Inside Electronics


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