With the advent of new digital and analog technologies, CIE has initiated a project for the research and development of a series of focused sound fields for use in both performances and self-running installations. 

The collaborators will include John Driscoll, Phil Edelstein, Doug Van Nort, Bob Bielecki and Jonas Braasch consulting.  This project will explore various means of localizing sound in acoustical spaces with visual and sonic choreography using:

    - Acoustic lenses

    - Rotating and servo-controlled position of focused speakers

    - Phased array speakers for wave front synthesis

    - Spatial shaping of sound using acoustical baffles with absorptive and

        reflective surfaces

    - Ultrasonic speakers as highly focused sound projectors

The project will also concentrate on the creation of sound sources which are tuned to the bandwidth of the appropriate focused speakers.  By using tuned sources, these speakers will create expressive sound fields in space with highly individualized and dynamic characteristics.


The group’s main goal is to develop, prototype and explore the parameters and potential of developing techniques and devices for an articulate series of highly focused sound fields.  There will be a parallel emphasis on focused speaker development, acoustical baffling/reflection, gestural control of the speakers, motor control and sound generation software.

By combining the substantial resources and experience of the collaborators, along with a number of current technologies (efficient servo motors, micro-controllers, ultrasonic speakers, motor control software, and sound generation/transformation software) we will be able to clearly define directions for creating highly focused sound environments for artistic presentation in the future.

updated 8/17/12

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