CIE has been involved with research into focused speakers/sound fields over an extended period of time starting with a research residency at Media Study/Buffalo in 1979 with members John Driscoll, Ralph Jones, Martin Kalve, and David Tudor.

Focused Speakers (1979)


CIE members John Driscoll, Phil Edelstein, and Doug Van Nort are currently working on the development of new performance and installation works based upon the use of a number of current technologies to create highly focused sound fields incorporating:

    - robotic rotating speakers

    - servo-driven parabolic speaker arrays

    - phased arrays speakers

    - ultrasonic speaker units

    - mechanical sound reflectors/absorbers

This work combines software motor control systems, new speaker technologies, and sound materials created to take advantage of the focused sound characteristics of the devices.

SPEAKING IN TONGUES (2012) is a series of performance and installation works which use sets of unique ultrasonic instruments created by John Driscoll with motion programming by Phil Edelstein.  These instruments respond to almost microscopic amounts of movement and translate those movements into audible tones.

A collaborative performance version is done with between two to five performers using an array of instruments as shown below.  Currently under development are a series of controllers for both performance and installations (including Wii Nunchucks, capacitive sensors, optical sensors, RC servo motor controllers, and iPhone remote controllers) with programming and technical assistance by Phil Edelstein.  An installation version is nearing completion.

Rainforest IV Performance - Neuberger Museum (1980)

RAINFOREST IV (1973) is an electro-acoustical environment conceived by David Tudor and realized by the group Composers Inside Electronics for over 37 years.  Each

composer designs and constructs a set of sculptures which function as instrumental loudspeakers under their control, and each independently produces sound material to display their sculpture’s resonant characteristics.  The appreciation of Rainforest IV depends upon individual exploration, and the audience is invited to move freely among the sculptures.

Rainforest IV has been performed world-wide over 125 times in 40 venues to date.  (see Chronology)

Rainforest V - Governors Island (2011)

RAINFOREST V (2009) is a self-running sound installation conceived by David Tudor and realized by Composers Inside Electronics (John Driscoll, Phil Edelstein, and Matt Rogalsky).  This work has been installed at Laboratorio Arte Alameda (Mexico City) in 2009, and recently at Ft. Jay on Governors Island (New York) in 2011.

File Player - Block Diagram

FILE PLAYER (Phil Edelstein) (2012) is a MAX/MSP patch for creating a flexible software-based workbench for CIE long-term installations, performances, and workshops.  It originated as a PD patch for use by Rainforest workshop participants, and has been re-written to take advantages of numerous MAX/MSP capabilities.  It allows control over a variable number of channels with:

    - input file selection (drag and drop file directory loading) and auto file shuffling

    - variable number of input channels (1-16)

    - variable output channel assigns (can be ganged or independent) - up to 8 channels

    - variable speed selection (manual or random)

    - frequency shift ability (manual or randomized) - amount/volume

    - volume control over (play volume, dry volume, convolution volume)

    - impulse convolver (drag and drop directory loading)  - wet-dry ratio

updated 1/27/13

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