John Driscoll


JOHN DRISCOLL is a composer/sound artist who is a founding member of Composers Inside Electronics (CIE) and collaborated on David Tudor’s Rainforest IV project since its inception in 1973.  He has toured extensively in the US and Europe with: CIE, David Tudor, Douglas Dunn & Dancers, Maida Withers Dance Construction Co., Stephen Petronio Company, and as a solo performer.  

For over 40 years his work has focused on robotic instruments, compositions and sound installations for unique architectural spaces, rotating loudspeakers, and music for dance.  He is a pioneer in performance of live electronic music and is know for his innovative electro-acoustical instruments.  His work spans many disciplines and has included performances/collaborations with artists: David Tudor, Ralph Jones, Paul DeMarinis, Linda Fisher, Ron Kuivila, Phil Edelstein, Bill Viola, Tom Hamilton, David Moss, Matt Rogalsky, Richard Lerman, Doug Van Nort and many others.  He has created music for the Merce Cunningham Dance Co., Douglas Dunn & Dancers, and Maida Withers Dance Construction Co.

His work has been presented at the Kitchen (NYC), Festival d’Automne (Paris), Holland Festival (Amsterdam), Akademie der Künste (Berlin), Museum of Modern Art (Warsaw), MoMA (NYC), Museum der Moderne (Salzburg), and others. He has received numerous awards including a Berlin Residency from the DAAD Berliner Künstlerprogram in 1985/86.  

In 2014, he was artist-in-residence at Harvestworks (NYC) developing a work for robotic highly focused speakers, and recently completed new works for ultrasonic instruments.  He is reviving Tudor’s Pavilion works in conjunction with CIE, E.A.T. and the David Tudor Project.  He was the David Tudor Composer-In-Residence at Mills College in 2014, and has been working on Phil Edelstein’s Impulsions work and on a series of performance works with ultrasonic instruments under the title of Speaking in Tongues and sound installations using ultrasound Slight Perturbations.

In 2015, he and Phil Edelstein collaborated on the sound installation Rainforest V.  Rainforest V (variation 1) has been acquired by MoMA (NYC) in 2016 as part of their collection and Rainforest V (variation 2) was acquired in 2015 as part of the collection of Museum der Moderne (Salzburg). 

He has also been performing David Tudor’s Rainforest music with CIE for Stephen Petronio Co. reconstruction of Merce Cunningham’s RainForest.

His recent album Fishing for Sound (Berlin) is available on iTunes and other works are on Edition Block, Orange Mountain Music, New World Records and Edition RZ and others.

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bio                                                                                      WORKS:


Speaking in Tongues

Voices In My Head

Ebers & Mole

Bottom Coasting

It’s In Them....

Listening Out Loud


Rainforest V

Slight Perturbations

A Hall is All

Wafer Flats

Unsung Voices

Trout Fishing in America


Glacial Drift


Second Mesa

Ebers & Mole Parts 1,2,3

Clay Banks

Fishes Eddy

Lums Pond