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John Driscoll a composer / sound artist who has collaborated on David Tudor's Rainforest IV since its inception in l973, and was a founding member of Composers Inside Electronics (CIE). He has toured extensively in the U.S. and Europe with CIE, Douglas Dunn & Dancers, David Tudor, and as a solo performer.

His work involves rotating robotic loudspeakers, compositions for unique architectural spaces, and sound installations.  He was a curator of the Arts &

Technologies program and developed an exhibition of audio technologies while at the NY Hall of Science and has developed numerous educational software projects. He was Dir. of New Media for Slingo Inc. (a N.J. game company producing and licensing games for digital media) and was in charge of the development of two new TV game shows. 

His work Listening Out Loud was released on a CD “From the Kitchen Archives No. 4 – Composers Inside Electronics” (Orange Mountain Music), and other recordings include Wafer Flats (Editions Giannozzo - Berlin), and a Rainforest IV LP released by Edition Block/ Grammavision.  He recently released on iTunes “FIshing for Sound (Berlin)” with works developed and performed during a DAAD fellowship in Berlin.

He completed a new ensemble work for  CIE titled “Speaking in Tongues” for both performance and installation.  

In 2014, he received an artist-in-residence grant from Harvestworks to create a new performance/installation work “Voices in my Head” for multiple highly focused robotic loudspeakers.  He was the David Tudor composer-in-residence at Mills College in Oct. 2014.

He and collaborator Phil Edelstein created four variations of Rainforest V from 2015 - 2018.  All four variations are in collections as follows:

(variation 1) - Museum of Modern Art (NY)

(variation 2) - Museum der Moderne (Salzburg)

(variaiton 3) - Arter Museum (Istanbul)

(variation 4) - MAC (Lyon)

He and Phil Edelstein also created a new sound installation Cluster Fields - commissioned by the Univ. of Maryland Art Gallery in 2018.

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